Government Jobs - The New Streamlined Process of Applying to One

Government Jobs – The New Streamlined Process of Applying to One

There is an irresistible ring to the very sound of saying you have a job with the government. Of all the people who actually try their luck landing a job with the government, most actually give up halfway through the process, disappointed with how long and tiresome whole process could be. Certainly, everyone craves the kind of permanence government jobs offer, and the benefits packages are beyond compare. But there is something about the idea of spending hours poring through tiny print on reams of forms and bothering with KSAs that is such a powerful turn off that people in just walk away from it all. But help is at hand in the form of a new government website initiative called, by the Office of Personnel Management pakistan railway.

To use the USAJobs website, you need to first sign up and create an account (the link for which you’ll find on the home page on the top right). You plug in your personal information, enter details to do with what kind of veteran status you have, what your goals have and accept the terms and conditions before you have an account with which to begin your search for government jobs. Once there, you have the option to upload your resume, plug in all the personal information that you’ve left unmentioned so far, and to cap it all with a cover letter. Then, you’re done laying the groundwork.

You still haven’t got around to applying for any specific job yet though.That’s what comes next. The USAJobs site home page lets you search for all kinds of job announcements by the government. All you need to do is to search with the right keyword. When your results page comes up, you can click on any position that grabs your fancy, and read through the job summary to see what their eligibility criteria are. Any job that seems promising, you’ll need to note down exactly what they require from you – samples of your work, transcripts from your college or anything else – and you can apply online right then, right there. In the next section, you are required to answer a questionnaire and complete other formalities before you are done. The whole process on average takes about an hour.

Compared to what it used to take out of you applying for government jobs, the online process is a cakewalk. Certainly, it can take a little bit more time to do everything they ask than it might be doing the same thing for a private company. But they’ve made an effort, and the whole process is far friendlier now. Just remember how it used to take days to complete the process of standing in line multiple times and printing out forms to fill.

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